Step Onto Stage: From First Gig to Paid Expert

You want to get up on that stage as a speaker, but you’ve got a lot of questions . . .

Am I enough of an expert to be a public speaker?

What should I talk about?

Where do I find speaking gigs?

How do I put together a speech that will keep my audience engaged?

And how do I leverage my speaking engagement to land clients and other opportunities?

If you’ve found yourself asking these questions, then Step Onto Stage: From First Gig to Paid Expert is for you!

Whether you’re building a platform for a book release, trying to get in front of potential clients or simply want to establish yourself as an expert, public speaking is an excellent way to achieve your goals!

I know, because I’ve been speaking for the last decade and have achieved all of those things through my time on the stage – in addition to getting PAID to speak!

This program has seven modules, which should be done in order if you’re just starting out.

If you’ve already done lots of free speaking and are simply looking to start getting paid, you’re probably going to skip straight to the “Getting Paid” module…but beware: the reason you’re not getting paid already might be hiding in work you need to do in one of the other modules!

  1. The Five Step Process To Public Speaking Success
  2. Outlining Your Topic & Writing Your Bio
  3. Identifying Speaking Opportunities
  4. Writing Your Speaking Proposal
  5. Every Trick In My Bag For A Speech That Wows
  6. Getting Paid