Why publicity? Because it doesn't matter how good you are at what you do if no one knows you do it.

Hi! I'm Kristi Dosh, the founder of From the Shadows to the Spotlight.

I see you. I know you want to make an impact, but you’re not reaching enough of the people who need you.

If only you could spend more you could reach them, right?


Unlike ads—which can cost tons of money and are finite in duration—there’s tons of free publicity out there if only you know how to land it.

This isn’t about making you famous (although that can happen too!), it’s about making an impact.

It’s about each individual person you can reach and change the entire trajectory of their business…or their life.

But you can’t do anything if they have no idea you exist.

That’s where publicity comes in…

You can grow your business with a proven, step-by-step formula to creating visibility in your business that positions you as the expect you are, creates revenue, and gets your message out into the world . . . all while receiving guidance and support the whole way through.

1,000+ Media Hits

Our students and clients have been featured in major publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Inc., Better Homes and Gardens, SHAPE and more. 

They’ve been on TEDx stages and appeared on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX both on local affiliates and nationally.

Why my Courses?

Proven Results

Our students have successfully landed placements with major publications, appearances on television, podcast and radio interviews, paid speaking engagements and more. Pitches not working? We'll review them for free!

Ongoing Support

You'll get access to our private Facebook group where we offer additional live trainings and answer every question posted. You get access to three publicists with dozens of years of experience in journalism, publishing and television.

Successful Examples

Who wants templates when you could see real-life examples that landed features in major publications, TV appearances, paid speaking gigs and more? We got permission from clients to show you real pitches that got results!

Lifetime Access

We believe publicity is something that should be done all the time, not just to check a certain publication off your list or get you through one launch. That's why you get lifetime access to any course you purchase.

Our Students in the Media

publicity for entrepreneurs
social proof of publicity for entrepreneurs
social proof of publicity for entrepreneurs
social proof of publicity for entrepreneurs